OpenIV - #1 Best Modding Tool for GTA V, GTA IV, & Max Payne 3

You can access and modify the game data with the free OpenIV modding toolset for Grand Theft Auto 5 and other games. You should only mod GTA 5 in offline mode due to limitations imposed by the game’s publisher, Rockstar Games, or you run the risk of getting your account suspended.

It’s easy to manage mods for various games with the help of this toolbox. Around the world, modding games are becoming more and more popular, but if you want to look at some GTA 5 options, check out Prison and Chaos Mod V.

What is OpenIV?

An editor and archiver for GTA 5 is OpenIV. Max Payne 3, GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA: Liberty City Episodes, and GTA 4 are also compatible. Even if you already like Grand Theft Auto 5, you can improve it with a few clever adjustments.

OpenIV MOD installer for Windows

Download OpenIV Latest Version Here:

OpenIV Software | Key Features

MOD Rockstar games

One can use this tool to Modify Rockstar studio developed games. A few of the popular games that can be modified using OpenIV include MaxPayne3, GTA4, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption.

Support for GTA5

The OpenIV.ASI plugin has not been updated by the maker of this GTA 5 mod since 2015. This suggests that the programme now accommodates a number of mods that are exclusive to GTA 5's offline version.

Play the Game using the Original Game Files:

The PC version of GTA 5 may now be played without any mods if you prefer the pure, authentic GTA 5 experience. Just make sure the mod's folder is present in the files for the original game. To return to the game's original state, simply delete the mods folder.

Clean User Interface

The user interface is nice and beautiful. It is very easy to navigate through the app. It won't take much time to get familiar with the purpose of the software.

No Subscription

Just install the Software and start using it right away without having to undergo any kind of registration or subscription.

Additional Characteristics Include:

The OpenIV GTA mod is a developing project that is frequently improved. The application has just received upgrades that include new textures, shading improvements, and reliability fixes.

Best Modding Tool NameOpenIV
Latest Versionv4.1
File Type.exe (Executable File)
CategoryGTA MOD Tool
CompatibilityWindows 11, 10, 8.1/8 & 7 PC
Last Updated1 Day Ago
License TypeFree
OpenIV MOD installer - Build with open formats

Download Latest OpenIV from Here:

Install OpenIV for Windows PC (32 Bit/64 Bit)

  • Go to the official download page of to get the ovisetup.exe file.
  • Then download the file on your Windows computer.
  • The installation procedure can be started by double-clicking the exe file.
  • Click “Continue” after choosing your desired language, for example, English or Russian.
  • Click the “Continue” button after reading and agreeing to the Licence Agreement.
  • Then, whether it be on the same PC or a different one, choose the installation technique that best matches your needs.
  • If a dialogue box asks you to download the Open IV Full Setup File, choose “Yes” to proceed.
  • A message indicating the successful installation will appear once the installation procedure is finished.

Install OpenIV software on Windows Computer - Free Download

Download OpenIV Latest Version Here:

[How-To] Download & Install GTA V Mods [Offline Windows PC]

  • Go to the GTA V directory on your PC viz C Drive > Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steamapps > Common > Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Next, Download LUA Plugin as a ZIP File and put it on the desktop.
  • From this ZIP File, copy/paste the Scripts directory and LUA.asi file into the GTA Main directory.
  • Next, download the Native UI Plugin.
  • From this ZIP file, drag/drop the Native UI DLL file into the Scripts folder in the GTA 5 Main directory.
  • Next, download Script Hook V Mod.
  • Inside this ZIP file, from the bin folder, copy/paste the input 8 DLL file and Script Hook V DLL file into the main directory of GTA V.
  • Download Script Hook V Net File from Here.
  • From this ZIP file; copy/paste all three files starting with ScriptHookV in their name into the GTA 5 main directory.
  • Download Menyoo MOD from Here.
  • Again, from this ZIP File, copy/paste the Menyoo stuff folder and the Menyoo ASI file into GTAV main directory.
  • Now you will need the Simple Trainer V Plugin on your PC. Get it from Here.
  • This will be a RAR file. Open it and copy/paste the Trainer V ASI & INI files to the GTA 5 main directory.
  • Now, launch the GTA V game on your PC and you will see the mod menus with various options like Weather vehicle, Teleporting, Weapons, Police ignore player, go through the door, and more. Press the F3 hotkey during the gameplay to get the MOD Menu from Simply Trainer V. Press F8 twice to open the Menyoo MOD menu internal to the gameplay.

Is OpenIV Safe?

Definitely, yes! A trustworthy and safe programme without any viruses or malware, OpenIV. To assure its safety, we have taken the appropriate measures. We verified that the OpenIV.exe file is absolutely safe by running it via a reliable internet service like

Is OpenIV Safe for GTA V, IV | Best Modding Tool

The accuracy of the information about the tool offered on this page is something we have worked very hard to ensure. We performed an extensive safety test as part of this effort, and we have faith in the outcomes. We have done all the required steps to deliver accurate information, so you can have faith in us. Let’s examine the exciting features of Open IV 4.1 right away. Take your time looking through them, then when you’re ready, go to the download section.

How Can You Use OpenIV on a Windows PC?

It can be challenging to use OpenIV on a Windows computer, but with the help of the following instructions, it becomes much simpler:

  • Go to the desktop on your Windows computer by navigating there.
  • To start the utility, double-click the OpenIV programme shortcut.

OpenIV for Windows - Install GTA 5 MOD

  • A list of games and platforms that are supported is available.
  • If you want to play GTA 5 with OpenIV, select Grand Theft Auto V under “Windows“.

OpenIV software on Windows Computer - Ready to launch

  • Find the Grand Theft Auto V folder on your computer now. Locate the directory folder where GTA 5 is installed by clicking “Browse“.

Browse to root folder path of GTA V game on Windows

  • And, then clicking.

Select root folder of GTA V game on windows to Open with OpenIV

  • A pop-up window with the title “Select folder” will appear. The GTA 5 installation files can be found on Drive C in either Programme Files or Programme Files (x86).
  • After clicking on Select Folder, green text can be seen below the location bar. It means the room folder path is correct and the OpenIV software can work with GTA V.
  • Then click on the Continue button.

OpenIV Best Modding Tool - GTA V, GTA VI

  • The program will look for the encryption key.

OpenIV for GTA V, GTA VI - Best MOD

  • After that, the GTA 5 game directory will open in the OpenIV tool.

GTA V game directory inside OpenIV tool - MOD

  • Tap on the Edit Mode button and then click on Yes (So the changes will take effect).

Enable Edit Mode in OpenIV software(Windows) -GTA V

  • Then, Tap on the Tools Menu and click on the Package Installer option.

Using Tools menu in OpenIV to Install MODs via Package Installer

  • Browse to the MOD folder and select.OIV file and click on the Open button.

Install MODs by opening .OIV file with Package Installer - OpenIV for Windows

  • The package Installer will ask your permission to Install the selected Script. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Install MOD using OpenIV on Windows Computer

  •  If you have installed GTA 5 via Stream, then Open the SteamLibrary folder in the Programme Files directory.
  • Access the “Steamapps” folder inside the SteamLibrary folder, then go to the “Common” section.
  • There, you’ll discover the Grand Theft Auto 5 folder. Click “Select Folder” in the lower right corner of the pop-up window after opening it to choose a folder.
  • To proceed, click the setup window’s “Continue” button.
  • Don’t worry if you see any messages mentioning backups. Afterwards, click “Continue” one more.
  • Now that the game data and content have been loaded, OpenIV will look for the encryption key.
Install OpenIV software on Windows Computer - Free Download

Install OpenIV.ASI, ASI Loader, OpenCamera

These steps should be followed in order to install required plugins such as OpenIV.ASI, ASI Loader, and OpenCamera:

  • Go to the “Tools” option after starting OpenIV on your computer.

Tools menu in OpenIV software - Installed on Windows

  • ASI Manager” should be chosen.

Open ASI Manager from Tools Menu to Install Plugins for OpenIV - Windows

  • All the required plugins and installation choices are shown in the ASI Manager window, which will then launch.
  • As well as ASI Loader, OpenIV.ASI, and OpenCamera (optional), click the “Install” button next to each plugin.

Install OpenIV Plugins foe GTA V on Windows Computer

How To Activate Edit Mode for the “Mods” Folder in OpenIV?

Use these procedures to enable Edit Mode in OpenIV’s “Mods” folder so that you can edit RPF files:

  • Make sure you followed the instructions in this article’s preceding sections for downloading and installing OpenIV and the required plugins.
  • Open the programme, then select the “Tools” option.

  • Press Fn+F4 while the programme is open to access the “Options” section.
  • Choose “Mods Folder” from the “General” menu.
  • Enable the “Allow edit mode only for archives inside the’mods’ folder” option.
  • Select “Close” to close the settings window. You might come across an options window similar to the one in the image above while installing the .asi plugin. If asked to create the mods folder, select the option and click “Yes” if it hasn’t already been done so. The “No” option is an alternative.
  • Once you’ve finished the aforementioned procedures, go to the “Edit Mode” area of the OpenIV programme and click on it to launch edit mode. Click “Yes” to continue if a dialogue box pops up on the screen.

Enable Edit Mode in OpenIV tool - GTA V windows

  • Make sure edit mode is activated before performing any modifications in the Grand Theft Auto 5, 4, or any other game’s directory. Don’t forget to copy the files into the mods folder that you want to edit.

Copy the Updates folder to mods folder to Modify GTA V - Windows.

OpenIV GTA IV and GTA V Mods – Pros and Cons


  • It is one of the most powerful MOD tools available out there for GTA.
  • Open source and free to utilize.


  • It is complex to use and takes some time/effort to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

OpenIV is a versatile editor and archive manager for Grand Theft Auto IV and Liberty City Episodes on the PC.

FiveM will remain active for the foreseeable future; it has no connection to OpenIV or the developers’ choice to give up!

You requested the best version that works with mods. According to my knowledge, that is 1.0 and 7.0. You have to manually downgrade the game to that version.

You will be banned if you play GTA Online with any installed mods. Before starting GTA Online, ALL modifications must be TOTALLY uninstalled or removed. Modifications can be used in Storymode.

There isn’t a website for OpenIV.

Downloading OpenIV from the official website ensures its security.

OpenIV is still usable if you’ve already downloaded it. The download URL no longer points to the official site of OpenIV; instead, it reroutes to the principal developer’s statement regarding the shutdown.

 The most recent OpenIV release is version 4.0. 1.

Simply place the archive you want to edit (such as x64a. rpf) in the “mods” folder and make the necessary changes there. Your archives from the “mods” folder will be loaded by ASI into the game.

Users must use OpenIV’s edit mode to copy that folder and place it under mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks. Last but not least, include a line in the update with the name of the mod item.

An ASI file in certain Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games, such GTA IV and V, contains a mod library that can be used to alter the gameplay. It keeps track of any customised plugins and scripts the game employs to alter gameplay or introduce brand-new features.

To start the process, the aforementioned applications must be downloaded: OpenIV, the necessary mod, scripthookV, and an improved native trainer are all included. then make a new folder called “mods” in the GTA 5 game files. The “update” folder should be copied and pasted into the mods folder from the game files.

Top 5 visual tweaks for realistic visuals in GTA 5

For GTA 5 to have realistic graphics, NaturalVision Evolved is the finest mod. It was published in 2020, making it very young. It also receives frequent updates, with the most recent one becoming available on May 19, 2023.

  • Launch the GTA V Remove Tool after installing GTA V.
  • Search for any files or directories that require manual deletion.
  • Click “Delete all mods” to eliminate all installed mod files and folders.

Conclusion - Best Modding Tool for GTA V, & GTA IV

Modifying the offline Windows version of the game is a lot of fun even if Rockstar Games forbids anyone from hacking the online version of the game. The OpenIV mod is a highly useful multi-purpose editor for enhancing your gameplay because it can be used to modify a small number of games in addition to GTA5. That’s all about OpenIV – Best modding tool for GTA V, GTA IV, & Max Payne 3.

Thank You.